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. a day after big action on capitol hill beginning right now. the senate set to pump new fuel in the cash for clunkers program, but how long will that money last? plus, we are just a few hours away from history. the senate set to confirm the first latino justice to the supreme court. then police chase suspects who run through the nation's
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hallowed ground. the burr suit through -- pursuit through arlington cemetery. police say she's faking it, part of a twisted murder plot for hire. fox 5's midday news starts now. we are following two big stories on capitol hill today. congress is deciding whether or not to extend the extremely popular cash for clunkers program. and in just a few hours we should have a vote on the confirmation of supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor. thank you for watching fox 5 midday news. i'm holly morris. i'm allison seymour. a vote is expected today in the popular cash for clunkers program. an agreement supposedly has been reached. the extension would add $2 billion and give car shoppers until labor day now to trade in those gas guzzlers for a more fuel efficient ride. the obama administration says without this extension, the program will run out of money as soon as tomorrow. it looks very strong
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because we're hearing from dealers and consumers all across the country that this is a stimulus. >> the fact is that when you have 157,000 cars sold in six or seven days and $600 million out the door, there are a heck of a lot of dealers around america and i've seen many of them interviewed, and they're wildly enthusiastic about this particular program. >> not everyone loves the program, though. some republicans have criticized the plan saying it subsidizes sales for foreign manufacturers since only 45% of the cars sold so far come from the big three. history in the making. in a matter of hours the supreme urt is expected to have its first latino justice. the full senate will vote on sonia sotomayor's confirmation th afternoon. fox's craig boswell is live on capitol hill with a preview of what should be the last day of debate. craig? >> reporter: good morning to you, holly. the senate is expected to confirm president obama's first pick for the high court making
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sonia sotomayor the first hispanic justice. the senate is now an hour into the final day of ull hour into the debate. republicans controlled the first hour. democrats will get the second hour. three-quarters of republican senators oppose her nominati citing concerns what they call judicial activism and some of her past statements on race. but there are a handful of g.o.p. senators who say they will vote in favor, eight of them. democrats who control the senate say her 17-year record on the bench make her the most qualified nominee in recent history. she is of puerto rican descent, was raised in a new york city housing project, achieved an ivy league education. sonia sotomor will be the third female justice and 111th person to sit on the high court. holly, that vote is expected around 3:00 this ternoon. if she is confirmed, she could be sworn in as early as today, holly. >> since it's pretty much a
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foredrawn conclusion that this is going -- foregone conclusion that this is going to happen, what is the point of this final debate? what is the g.o.p. trying to prove here? >> reporter: certainly everyone wants to be on record with their bins. they want to be on -- opinions. they want to be on record citing some of her past cases. she will be joining a court that just recently overturned a high profile race discrimination case. everyone wants their voice heard in this. of course you're going to have future nominees down the line and there are, of course, some senators who want to potentially get even for some of the past nominees who received a rough time getting their approval of their nomination process. so there are a lot of things at play on capitol hill. >> i think it's called politics. thanks, craig live on the hill us for this morning. fox 5 will have live coverage of the sotomayor confirmation vote. it's expected to take place like you said around 3:00 this afternoon. we'll also be streaming the vote live on it's tops on the agenda at
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the white house. obama reaffirmed health care reform will happen by the end of the year, even if it's not a bipartisan effort. he spoke about the issue during a stop in indiana yesterday. the president says his administration will assess senate finance committee negotiations next month. a really wet and gloomy morning out there today. is the rain over and can we expect maybe a little bit of sun this afternoon? tucker barnes joining us with the answers. >> cool temperatures, too temperatures in the low 70s. hard to believe it's early august out there. might see a little sunshine later this afternoon, particularly off to the north and west as most of the rain showers have pushed to the east. i'wllho s u yoexactly what's happening. se'lo a c ase up. you can see in washington things are quieting down. still a cpl the north and er the north and anda a few more towards annapolis. for the most part i think the asherowctitany erd the thunderstorms are quiet down. t'to quiet down. let's go to the bigger picture.
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let's go to the satellite radar. het can e et mseofos s ill up to the us ehs nd at onds twardndnew hipupng waand pushing up towardersow uthann neglend. glwe have an area of low pressure off to the south. that's been responsible for the morning showers. it will drag out to sea. it will take with it the showers and eventually the clouds. there is some possibility you'll see a little bit of sunshine by mid- to late afternoon. there we go. 72. humidity 84%. winds outs of the north at 14 miles per hour. it will abvery cool afternoon. its -- be a very cool afternoon. it's going to feel cool out there. mostly cloudy. a few more scattered showers and high temperatures about 80 or so. we're going to have a heat wave by the end of the weekend. i'll have details on that coming up. thanks, tucker. police rounded up five teens after a massive air and nduo nd search in arlington. they bolted from a car and headed toward arlington national cemetery. it all stems from a call about a car break-in around 4:00 this
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morning. police teamed up with arlington county officers to track the suspect. they caught one right away and then the four others a short time later. new details on a crime that shook a quiet loudoun county community. william bennett was bean to death near his lancedown home -- lansdowne home last march. his wife was so badly beaten she was hospitalized for two months. a murder charge has been dismissed because of a technicality. the prosecution coulnot prove the suspect was under 18. they'll refile the murder charge and another charge could be filed in this case. prince william county police will announce today the results of their internal investigation into whether officers use excessive force when they tasered two people while trying to quiet a backyard party in manassas last month. officers tasered 55-year-old edgar rodriguez who was highly intoxicated and uncooperative as well as a 25-year-old
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pregnant woman they say tried to interfere with his arrest. the police department has promised to take appropriate action based on the findings of their investigation. marion barry has spent far more taxpayer money on outside contracts than his colleagues. he spent $250,000 from fiscal years 2007 to 2009, more than five times the second biggest spender kwame brown. some of the work appears to have little connectiono city business. he is under investigation for awarding a contract to a girlfriend last year. more chilling thoughts coming to light from the man who went on a deadly shooting rampage at a pittsburgh area gym. george sodini walked interest an exercise class, -- into an exercise class, turned off the lights and fired dozens of shots. three women were killed, ten
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were hurt. videos have surfaced. one takes about hiding his emotions and he wanted to be able to connect with people. in his on-ine journal he said he felt ignored by women and had an exit plan to avenge his rage. denot know any of his victims. >> he did not say anything while he was -- i was in the room. he must have fired -- i don't know how many gunshots. a lot more than i heard. i heard about two by the time i was out of the room. while i was still in the room, i did not hear him say anything. >> sodini wrote about planning the attack since last november. anyone who read the internet postings before the shootings had a moral obligation to report it. metro is getting some financial help fighting terrorism. the department of homeland security has ven metro $9.5 million in grant money to launch antiterror teams, expand the chemical detection program d upgrade radio communication. metro's goal is to have the grant money and the personnel in place by late fall. the f.b.i. has released a surveillance
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video that led to the conviction of a former u.s. congressman. the video shows louisiana congressman william jefferson taking $90,000 in cash from an f.b.i. informant. that cash was later discovered in his freezer. jefferson has been convicted on 11 counts including bribery, racketeering and money laundering. the crimes stem from business deals in africa. the 26-year-old democrat now faces more than 20 years in prison. obama is speaking at a fund raise near tysons corner today [ inaudible ] governor tim kaine will also attend and help rally support. it's at the hilton mclean tysons corner. another day of redskins training camp. this one is hoping o the public. >> they just finished up the practice. it rained all morning long but the skins marched on. when we come back, we'll introduce you to one of the more versatile members of the
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burgundy and gold. plus, she appears to be surprised by some bad news, but don't be fooled. she's been rehearsing this moment. the strange story behind this video next. and could it be something in the water? one town in india has more than 200 sets of twins. check out that story and much more on cfu lick on the off beat section. we're bk inju a moment.
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this fiber? i'd had my fill. then i found miralax.
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announcer: miralax is the only brand clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. you'll see. it's clearly different. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. dozens of women and children feared dead after a ferry flipped in the south pacific near the island of tonga. most of the passengers were asleep when it happened. hope is fading for survivors after 24 hours in the open water. so far crews rescued 50 people from the ocean. officials confirm to deaths but australia's prime minister believes that death toll will rise because at least 30 people are still missing. afghan officials have lowered the death toll to five in the bombing of a wedding party.
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initial revcl died when their evehicle hihit mine. this happened as a tractor pulled a trailer to a wedding. rathe cavan hit a roadside bomb. the driver of the tractor along with his wife, two kids and another woman all died. this e is an area in the provin where thousands of u.s. marines and british soldiers conduct offenses trying to wipe out the taliban. on this day in history, the world saw its first atomic bomb attack when the u.s. unloaded one on japan. that was during world war ii. it's estimated 140,000 people died. japan marked the 64th anniversary by urging global leaders to back barack obama's call to abolish nuclear weapons. the u.s. is the only nation that deployed atomic bombs in combat. president obama says the u.s. has a moral responsibility to act. charles manson follower annette squeaky -- [ indiscernible ] is set to be released from prison. she was convicted of trying to
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assassinate gerald ford in 1975. he was not hurt. she was not implicated in the 1969 murders of smairn sharon tate and the eight others. call it a marriage gone very wrong. police say only a few months after saying i do the bride wanted the groom dead. she thought he reived two bullets to the head but the crime scene was an elaborate hoax put on by police to foil a murder for hire plot. fox's steve chenevey explains. >> reporter: that's the wife seemingly breaking down when she encountered police at her home in florida after police told navdimar herrera husband had been -- told her her husband add been killed. in reality her husband was very much alive and talking with report disblers i get it but i don't get it. technically i should have been dead at 9:00. >> reporter: police arrested michael's wife wednesday on a murder for hire plot. the couple only had been
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married six months but the honeymoon was clearly over for dalia who they say contacted a hit man and offered him $3,000 to finish michael off. the only problem was the hit man was an undercover police officers. -- police officer. police had evidence incriminating her for days but police decided to clue michael in and stage a murder scene at the couple's town home capturing the grieving wife and then minutes later flipping the script on her. >> i didn't do anything and i didn't plot anything. >> reporter: michael admits his wife had been acting odd lately but this he didn't see coming. >> it's just awkward. it's just going to be weird. everybody says you're the luckiest guy. play the lottery today but it still hasn't hit me. >> reporter: she learned her husband was still alive after getting to the police station in the end. he thinks she was after his money. he spent several months in jail on organized fraud charges and theft.
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he married dalia one week after finalizing the divorce from his first wife. we have complete video on our website right on the home page under headlines. day eight of redskins training camp. fans are getting another chance to watch the burgundy and gold practice in person. one guy getting a lot of attention may be the most versatile player on the team. dave ross joins from us redskins park. who do you have today? >> reporter: we have lorenzo alexander. this guy can do just about any position you need him to play, maybe minus quarterback. thanks for joining us. tell us about this. you play defensive tackle, offensive guard, tight end, fullback. >> special teams. >> reporter: what don't you do? i think that's the shorter list? >> yeah. the only thing i probably wouldn't want to do is quarterback. standing back there with guys like albert hanes worth is --
11:18 am
haynesworth is pretty scary. i primarily go with defensive stuff. the closer we get -- when we get geared up for games during the season, they'll take me over there thursday and friday and work in a couple of plays. normally four, five plays i need to know. it's pretty easy being from cal. >> reporter: you're a cal guy. >> exactly. >> reporter: when you go in the goal line situations, if you're an eligible tight end, ou're eligible to score a touchdown. >> yeah. >> reporter: can we lobby campbell to throw it to you? >> i'm trying to i had a chance last year in the pittsburgh game that he threw me a ball and people got upset. if people are tripling and double teaming cooley, throw me the ball. you have to come out to practice and see that i can catch the play. i played it. i've done it in high school and college. now give me the chance at the pro level. >> reporter: if you had your druthers, what position would you play? >> defensive end and tackle. i love getting to the
11:19 am
quarterback and dominating. >> reporter: he does dominate people. we've seen him in practice. you've got two daughter, correct if. >> yes, two. >> reporter: ages are? >> 13 and almost a year. she'll be a year in two weeks. >> reporter: that's quite a big range there. >> a big range but i'm learning things from both of them. the 13-year-old, dealing with a teenage girl is a pretty humbling experience. teaches you parenting skills, communication. >> reporter: what's tougher, training camp or dealing with a teenage senator. >> definitely my teenage -- teenager daughter? >> definitely my teenage daughter. it's hard because you want to protect them but let them grow and learn things on their own. >> reporter: sure, absolutely. tell me about the foundation you set up in california? >> we help to promote education community through sports. it's been going well. we've been giving back to the community, doing back-to-school event, supplying kids that are unfortunate with school supplies. we do about 400, 500 backpacks
11:20 am
last year. we're doing it this year. we have the youth camp. now we're starting a mentoring program where we're going to match up high school student athletes with -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: versatile really is the right description for you. you're doing everything. >> you have to have your hand in everything these days. >> reporter: we have to wrap it up quick. you have a feel for this team this year, how good to you think you'll be? >> we're coming along. i think we'll be sad. as the offense comes, well eab awesome. >> reporter: i -- we'll be awesome. >> reporter: lorenzo alexander said they could go the way. so hey, why not. let's see it happen. >> everyone is getting to the super bowl before the season start, right? >> reporter: it's the best way to go. >> thanks, dave. appreciate it. the skins not the only ones taking hard hits. darrell smith canceled a concert in the middle ever the show. the sound system went out.
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that's when steven tyler tried to entertain the audience with a little dance. the problem is he fell off of that stage. he's being treated at a hospital and is said to be in good spirits. forget snakes on a plane. one area neighborhood and two people bitten. we'll tell you how and where all this is happening. a homeless man mana keep a big secret until the day he died. what he was hiding that has stunned many. fox 5 is helping ou get a job. ere is today's job of the day. it's an opeinatg the williard onalrcntwane in inshington. >> they're looking for an a isistant managertin the restaurant. it offers competitive pay an benefits, a matched 4) (k01and hotel discounts worldwide. for more on this job and many others, go to click on the job shop tb r nea e top of the home page. we'll be right back. (announcer) when verizon brings
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welcome back to what's cooking today. when i tell you that our ecutive chef knows how to cook for a big crowd, i'm serious. >> you are. >> because this is executive chef craig mason and chef mason is with the national conference center which is a facility out in leesburg. 900-room hotel and 250,000 square foot meeting space and conference center. >> we have 250,000 square feet of meeting space. we also have a ballroom that will seat up to 1500 guests. bring us your biggest party. booking holiday parties right now. can't wait to get some of the bigger parties in there. it's going to abgreat year. >> thank -- to be a great year. >> thanks for coming out and seeing us. what are you going to do today? >> a wild cod alaskan salmon on a summer salad, red onions, egg yolks and bacon. >> nice. >> with champagne vinegarette. >> nice and light, too. >> a great summer meal good is this the best? we hear a lot about salmon and this is the best and farm
11:26 am
raised. >> i prefer the wild salmon because it has more time to develop a fat layer within the meat and gives it a lot more flavor. >> executive whichexecutive chef craig mason from the national conference center in leesburg with us today. tucker and holly, back to you. >> a wonrful facility. really nice out there. thanks for that. >> the salmon looks delicious. >> and good for us. >> es it feels sort of cool like the northwest today. >> you think? that's a little bit of a stretch. >> it could e seattle right now. that's what i'm saying. temperatures in the low 70s. you'll notice the cool air and the showers will be departing too. we'll have a look at the radar coming up. paula abdul speaking out for the first time since announcing that she is leaving idol. what she has to say coming up.
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some of the top stories we're following, the senate is expected to vote on adding another $2 billion to the cash for clunkers program. it's slated to run out of cash tomorrow. senate majority leader harry reid says democrats have enough votes to assure the measure. the obama administration says the money will fund an additional 500,000 new car sales. the house passed the bill last week. a ground and air search is over now in arlington. police got a call about a car break-in just before 4:00 this morning. when officers arrived five people jumped out of one car. they headed toward arlington national cemetery. cops caught one of them. four others were detain add short time later. -- detained a short time later. all of the suspects are minor. not something you would expect to see just walking down the street in a city. a d.c. woman snapped this photo of a copper head snake. we'll show you that photo in just a little bit. oh, it's behind me. moments after it bit her.
11:31 am
there it is. while walking her dog. >> here's the kicker to this story. it's not the only snake attack that people are reporting in this neighborhood. john henrehan has the details of snakes in the city. >> reporter: last wednesday evening angela bradford was walking her dog in the congress heights nghborhood of southeast washington. >> something brushed my shoe, my foot, and i just bent down to see what it was and that's when it just jumped up and bit me on the finger. >> reporter: angela's hand started swelling up immediately. she took a photo of it with her cell phone and thinking quickly that the snake might be venemous, she got a picture of ther is meant that bit her. doctors at united medical center determined the snake was a poisonous copper head and began administering antivenom therapy. angela spent two days in the hospital and still feels ill from the snake bite. >> i'm still getting dizzy. it was bad. just yesterday i had to stay in the house. i'm just getting out of the
11:32 am
house. just getting out of the house. and this happened seven days ago. >> reporter: a more recent encount we are a poisonous copper head snake occurred aranolm lkinwag 31-year-old man martin luther king, jr. avenue with a snake he had just purchased was also bitten in the hand. >> it was swelling, right. then it started e ik lm up like a glove or mit. >> reporter: responding d.c. fire ems personnel trapped the creature in a cardboard box. >> when i came over here, the snake was already in the box. when i came over it, they was putting tape on top of the box so the snake couldn't get out of the box. >> reporter: the victim told firefighters he had purchased the nonpoisonous python but animal control and the health department have determined that the purchased snake was also a venemous copper head. the man was transported to a local hospital to begin treatment. animal control is still deciding what to do with the copper head that was sold as a pie . on
11:33 am
ththon. john henrehan -- python. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> not good. >> that's unnerving. tucker, you're here now. i have to ask you a question. what month are we in? it's a fall type of feel. >> tony was out there and said that. it's cool out. >> feels like the change of the seasons. >> not quite yet. >> that's what it feels like today. >> it's an early preview. it won't last. tomorrow we'll be back in the mid-8 on the and -- mid-80s and then the 90s over the weke nd. f showers hae thff tednthe orth east, so we've got quietesiuto. de outside. still a few lingering light showers. ed hink we'll see scaer s erowhehe fer tor next touhr or two. but generally speaking in gs should be quieting down. there you go inside the beltway here. just a sprinkle or two across northwest washington. looks like up 270 a couple of showers towards gaithersburg out towards reston and a few more to our south towards alexandria got a few showers. another batch there east of
11:34 am
annapolis pushing out towards stevensonville across the bay. you can see scattered showers. these will be kind ever hit and miss for the next few hours. eventually we're going to get the showers out of here and we may actually introduce some clearing by later in the day. might see a little bit of sunshine if you hang in there by 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. particularly the north and west. temperatures are cool. this is what allison is talking b. hard to believe it's 11:00 a.m. 72 here in washington. 69 degrees out at dulles. 70 in frederick. 73 in hagerstown. extremely cool temperatures. again if we break out in a little bit of sunshine i think temperatures will eventually bump up to the 80-degree mark. if the clouds hold thick here for another few hours, we may top out in the mid-70s. so definitely well below average temperatures today. but things will be changing as we get into the weekend so definitely enjoy the cool air. save a little bit on the air conditioning this afternoon. there's your satellite picture. most of the shower activity is fading off at this hour to the north and east. and things are really starting to quiet down. there's the clearing line.
11:35 am
it's not too far off the north and west, out towards harpers ferry. this line will continue to push towards washington during the course ever the afternoon. i think we will see by late this afternoon more of a mix of sun and clouds out there. and again some quieter conditions. there's another look. the reason for the morning rain this area of low pressure kind of unusual this time of year to see this develop. it's right along the stationary front, the frontal system that comes through -- came through last night. it will continue to push off the coast. we'll have quieter conditions this afternoon. early showers, late afternoon sun and clearing here as we get into the nighttime hours. there you go. mostly cloudy but don't be surprised if you see a little bit of sun, particularly north and west. a couple of scattered showers left over and much cooler. 81, that's optimistic if we get some sun. if not we'll hang out in the mid upper 70s. clear and comfortable, 65 degrees overnight. tomorrow will be perfect, 8 a, nice and summery, lotof sunshine. saturday warming up could be a thunderstorm with a
11:36 am
warm front saturday night, 88. sunday and monday mid-90s. overnight lows mid-70s and we'll have plenty of humidity too. we'll finally be able to say hazy, hot and humid both sunday and monday. good news is it looks like the heat wave won't last too long but a few days in the mid-90s. >> we'll be ready. >> if it doesn't last it's not really a heat wave. >> well, a couple of days. an inspirational story about a homeless man in arizona who sturnled those who knew him by -- stunned those who knew him by donating millions after his death. he ditched his material life after retiring as an air nat cal engineer. -- air nautical engineer. >> but at the time of his death in 2007, no one knew that the 76-year-old former marine and purdue university grad was a multimillionaire. he was homeless by choice until he left behind more than $4 million to about a dozen nonprofit organizations. it shocked everybody, including a s close friend, a worker at a
11:37 am
scottsdale senior center. >> he was just always there, with his little cap on and his backpack. he would have coffee there and be oned compute -- be on the computers. he was a very gentle, humble kind person. >> that woman was one of only five people at his funeral since he didn't have any family. walter's inspirational story resurfaced after recently being mentioned on national public radio. meeting face to face for the first time since life saving surgery. an amazing meeting right here in d.c. seven transplant recipients meet their donors. it's coming up next. we're back in a moment. it hard to breathe.
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but now that i'm breathing better with advair... i can enjoy the zoo with my grandkids. (announcer) for people with copd including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both, great news. advair helps significantly improve lung function. while nothing can reverse copd, advair is differenfrom most other medications because it contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help you breathe better. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. we had a great day, grandpa! we sure did.
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ask your doctor how advair helps improve lung function for better breathing. (announcer) find out how to get your first full prescription free at seven critically ill patients and seven kidney donors are celebrating a record- breaking transplant surgery in the district. >> yesterday the recipients met their donormany of them
11:41 am
strangers just two weeks after their life-changing operations. claudia coffey has more. >> reporter: both of the 14 participants in this history- making procedure had never met until today. [ applause ] >> reporter: 14 very brave people, seven kidney donors and seven kidney recipients came together at georgetown university hospital. they were part of a historic swap that gave many a new lease on life. >> i don't know what to sy to larry who is my angel on earth. >> reporter: many of the seven recipients had no idea who their donor was, didn't know their name or anything about them. >> when we met on that stage was the first time i ever seen him in my life. >> reporter: 21-year-old dominick ray of huntingtown, maryland had his first kidney transplant at age two. take kidney started failing by the time he was 18. daily dialysis was the only
11:42 am
thing keeping him alive. >> i really knew if i missed a day or two, i could literally be six featured ground. >> reporter: 31-year-old craig mckinney of d.c. wanted to donate his kidney to a friend. they were not a match but he was a good fit for dominick. >> even though i couldn't help my friend, i knew how important it was to try to help somebody else out. >> reporter: all 14 of these people took part in a one of its kind kidney swap in which patients who otherwise would not be a match became a perfect fit. mass that exchange -- plasma exchange removes antibodies. the result was life-changing for both donor and recipient. for dominick and craig, it's a unique bond and the saturday of a new friendship. >> i've got to check on my organ every once in a while. >> reporter: doctors hope this particular type of kidney exchange will make it easier
11:43 am
for recipients to find compatible donors. at georgetown university hospital, claudia coffey, fox 5 news. >> the washington d.c. area leads the nation in kidney disease. more than 700,000 local residents are affected. nearly 6,000 are on dialysis. we are just getting in some video from fairfax county. a house fire on shropshire court in alexander, in the area of alexandria. >> inside the home snake, iguanas and scorpions. many of the snakes saved and brought outside. they are not out on the front lawn in containers -- i think they arout on the front lawn in containers, actually the point being they're in containers. we have a crew on the scene. we of course will bring you this complete story tonight at 5:00. >> unusual. >> unusual finding in that house. okay. well, trouble for one hollywood couple. which duo is suffering from a different point of view that may have them splitting up. we'll head over to studio b and see what our guet chef is
11:44 am
cooking up. don't go anywhere. we're coming right back.
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welcome back to what's cooking, everybody. today we have the national conference center in our studios from leesburg, virginia. executive chef craig mason. you're doing a wild alaskan pan speared wild caught alaskan salmon. let me get it right. >> we start our salmon with a little marinade, a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper and some lemon zest. get yourself a nice hot pan. add a little more oil to it. and then you want to hear that sizzle. that tells you you're getting the good color. if you look right at this one, you'll see got some great color on that. >> that is pretty, chef. >> while that's working, we're going to make our vinegarette
11:48 am
for the salad. now. the vinegarette has a little bit of mustard, shallots, garlic, salt and pepper, and also a little bit of lemon zest. we're using a champagne vinegar today. we're going to bubble it up a little bit with a little bit of fresh sham pain. keep it -- champagne. keep is real light for the summertime. >> it's nice. once you get the blender going, just add your oil in real slow. create a real nice he miewltion this way -- nicest mulsion this way -- nice emulsion this way. we're using extra virgin olive oil mostly for the flavor. it gives a great balance for the dressing. once we get this done when is
11:49 am
just about there, we're going to build our salad. >> let's see how that ought to look now. >> it's a little thicker than heavy cream. >> all right. let me stay far away if your work, chef. >> i don't want to hurt you. >> okay. >> we've got some great color on that fish. then we're getting to take our ingredients for the salad which is our spinach, red onions, egg yolks, apples. >> that's kind of a different twist, the granny smith apples there. >> nice crunch. a lot of moisture. and egg whites. we'll take all these, blend it with a little bit of our dressing. >> that's good looking, chef. i like that. >> and we'll just plate it up.
11:50 am
it's a real nice summertime salad. you can do it for barbecues. you can do it for cookouts with your family. >> or for yourself. >> or for yourself. >> a sunday afternoon with a glass of wine. >>reat with a glass of wine, a glass of pino grigio. a glass of champagne. we take our salmon, set it right on top and we take just another touch of the dressing across the salmon and on to the plate. >> oh, very nice. you've got the whole thing done. when we come back, we're going to tear into the salad and tell the folks how yummy can takes. if you would like to see this entire recipe done, this is at the national conference center in leesburg. go on-line holly, sending it over to you. >> very good. you're right, it does look good. thanks, allison. for to days the country has been hanging on a tweet, an internet posting is all we have from paula abdul to explain why she's quitting american idol. now tmz has her on camera
11:51 am
talking about her breakup with the hit fox show. they caught up with paula at j.f.k. yesterday. she told them simon mrs. her already. here's more. >> what are you going to miss most about the show? >> my compadre of course. i love to kiss. i love to kiss. >> paula said that many former contestants have reached out to her to give good wishes in light of the news. she told tmz she hadn't heard anything official on the rumor that's doll produce -- that the idol producer wants her as a judge on his other show "so you think you can dance." you can see the complete story on our website ivelt -- just look under the entertainment tab. >> he did say he'd like her as
11:52 am
an entertainment judge. it could be a win-win situation. >> she seems really sad. >> when something like that ends, even if there's bad feelings in the end, it's an ending. it's a little bit sad. >> and it's a family, too. moving on now, it's cooler time. >> bloop, bloop, bloop. >> and it's tabloid thursday. >> we have a couple of stories for you. first up, okay, rosie o'donnell and her wife kelly carpenter. reports are splitsville. it's sad because they have a couple of kids i think. >> several. >> several kids, okay. rosie denies this but as far as what kelly is saying, she blamed rosie's mood swings for the split. when she broke to news to friends at a recent party. also ere werrumors that perhaps rosie was seeing some other people. you know, a little infidelity. but she denies it. she say, uh-huh, me and cindy adams were a couple. she was joking that they
11:53 am
weren't actually splitting disblup i heard she was moving to a different house. >> well, it says that actually kelly had moved out and she lives with her youngest daughter in a condo in manhattan that she bought in her own name. the reports are -- they're serious. national enquirer saying they broke up. kelly moved out. owns her own condo. >> what we've seen of rosie, would we be surprised? >> no. we can believe that. >> what's her name? >> kelly carpenter good she could simply release a statement saying i realized i was in a relationship with rosie o'donnell. >> you hung in there, girl. sharon stone who's 51 years old now. no doubt she's still the hottres, wouldn't you say so? >> she's ten years into crazy. she's been acting erratic. >> she looks good. >> she wants to share that good
11:54 am
hard body. she's showing her entire -- this region of herself. dan, you covered up too much. you could vo shown -- could have shown more. she has on a corset and these bottoms and it looks like five- inch heels with the fancy ankle straps. she's 51. we've got to give it up. she looks great but i'm telling you, there is all over the internet as well. this is on hilton site. we're talking about completel topless. >> this is really a big deal. >> basic instinct she showed a whole lot more than just the top. >> but thawas 20 years ago. >> if you're 50 but aren't you kind of at that point classy enough-- >> over it? >> over it. you don't have to do that. >> are you grabbing for it. >> they talk about her being surgically enhanced good is she surgically enhanced? >> they don't look like a 51-
11:55 am
year-old. >> they're very perky. >> she's doing that move. it's making things perkier. >> with those types of people, i think part of it is a mentality thing. i want to show people i've still got it. part of it is about still getting roles. >> they want to stay young. speaking of staying young, though, haven't you heard your lesson, vanessa muchens. she's -- hutchens. she's 20 years old. she says or her lawyers say her blackberry was hacked. she had these photos on her blackberry and now they're all over the internet. >> these are recent? because originally they were like minor. they couldn't tell how old she was and there were more that were mean. >> i guess they were still on her phone. they were on hilton's website. her lawyers contacted him to take them down when she was a minor. what is minor? under 18, right? >> under 18. >> but then he claims isn't
11:56 am
that the best way to get those pictures taken down to say, you know -- a he say-she say. she's underage, take them down. they have a legal right to do it it. >> say it. don't take pictures. >> it's unclear whether or not they're new pictures or old pictures. >> right. but if they're old, the old allegations were from 2007. she's had these on her blackberry or wherever, her compute foretwo years. get -- for two years. get rid of them. we'll this discussion. back in a moment. [ sniffs ]
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
an olive. [ sniffs ] green, with pimento. ooh. he's good. nothing gets past him. [ sniffs ] piece of cake. [ male announcer ] kill bugs on contact without the bad smell. raid ant & roach killer is specially formulated with no lingering chemical odor. what's that? [ sniffs ] i don't smell nothing. raid! raid! raid! raid ant & roach killer kills bugs dead! with no lingering odor. sc johnson. a family company.

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